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Updated: Jan 27

Welcome to our Blog! We are very excited to have you here. We will be sharing our thoughts about Nutrition and Health as enablers for living a better life.

Adolfo Orendain, Founder of OrHealthFoods, a Food, Nutrition and Well-Being enthusiast.

Who Are We

My name is Adolfo Orendain, Founder of OrHealth, LLC. As a Food, Nutrition and Well-being enthusiast, I have researched a lot about how food and nourishment are key for our health and well-being. Also, after visiting and living in the US, I have been able to witness the state at which our Latin Communities have forgotten their native healthy foods and are now lagging in comparison to other communities in

the understanding of real nourishing foods and products that can greatly improve their quality of life and wellbeing.

This was the source of inspiration for deciding to focus my efforts in a company that can help bring back some of that ancient knowledge and products that can be easily recognized by the Latin Community.

OrHealth Foods., was born in 2019 with the sole purpose of becoming a source of healthier products and counseling to our Latin Communities in the US.

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